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Performer comments

Burnham Presents is the Lincoln Center of center Lincoln! First class sound, hospitality and promotion leads to a first class audience of eager attentive listeners. I have lived here more than 30 years and to have such an exceptional series developed here in our little town by Beth and Mark is the essence of a thriving community. ~~

Michael Chorney, Tony Award Winning Composer and bandleader, Freeway Clyde.

 Burnham Hall has been among our favorite places to perform for many years now, we consider ourselves fortunate to have this gem of a listening room in our state. The audience is almost always at capacity and invariably enthusiastic; they know how to bring folks out. The sound crew is professional, relaxed and responsive, and knows the room so well -  it's the closest thing to playing in your living room with a 100 or so of your best friends. And this season has been remarkable for the breadth and high quality of the performers. Vermont is richer culturally for Burnham Presents at Burnham Hall. ~~

Will Patton. The Vermont Mandolin Trio, The Will Patton Ensemble.


What an extraordinary weekend. It felt like such a gift to play for your community, and Burnham Hall felt so deeply like a community, so alive and together. ~~

Rani Arbo, Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem.

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