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About Burnham Presents

Beth Duquette and Mark Mulqueen have been part of  presenting  music in Addison County and The Champlain Valley for many years. They are excited to embark on this new music adventure!

Beth was the Ripton Community Coffee House co-directer for over 20 years  and is a 20+ year volunteer and program chair for Middlebury Festival on the Green, a much loved week-long annual music festival in it's 4th decade.

Mark has been a long time sound engineer for many artists, venues and festivals over the years including The Ripton Community Coffee House, Middlebury Festival on the Green, The Champlain Valley Folk Festival, The Valley Stage Festival and many others.

 When The Ripton Community Coffee House was displaced during the pandemic, the logical place to hold concerts was Burnham Hall in Lincoln. The Burnham Committee was supportive and welcoming to the idea of holding coffee house concerts in the hall.  

The Coffee House is returning  to The Ripton Community House to present shows on third Saturdays beginning in September.  Find out more about the Ripton Community Coffee House and their season

line-up HERE.


Mark and Beth will continue the music on first Saturdays in Lincoln at Burnham Hall. They both love their community and look forward to continuing  the tradition of sharing live music as Burnham Presents.

The February concerts will be on the 2nd Saturday to allow for  the great Hill Country Holidays annual event on the first Saturday in February.

They are grateful for The Burnham Committee's enthusiasm and support. Burnham Presents is a non-profit all volunteer music series under the umbrella of The Burnham Foundation. Donations to support the series are gratefully welcome. We are a 501 c3 organization and donations are tax deductible. Donate HERE

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